Monday, 24 September 2007

Cross dressing

Analyst relations sometimes feels like a very romantic job: after all, we AR professionals, spend most of our time courting those elusive analyst divas.

So when an analyst firm's account manager pitches to us for new business or when a head of research presents at an IIAR Forum, it feels like a bit of a fancy dress party. While the latter encounter is almost assured to be insightful, in most cases analyst firms don't really know know what drives AR professionals, nor how to sell to us. Which is pathetic really.

Carter's posted on the subject here: Can’t tell the players without a scorecard – Who’s who inside a large vendor like HP

We've re-posted one of his comment: Roles of the Analyst – Market/Sales Influencers, Decision Support, Smart Advisors, Sales Support, by Cartner Lusher

Read also a previous post on the question: C'mon guys, sell to us!

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